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Selling These Old Items Around Your Home Could Easily Pay For All Your Christmas Gifts

It's supposedly the most wonderful time of the year, according to a certain song. But for many of us, Christmas time can mean a struggle financially. If you're looking for ways to fund your giving spirit at this time of year, Dubai listings website, dubizzle has come up with a list of things you can sell around the home that might not even miss when they're gone.

From looking at what some of the items their 315,000 daily users have fetched over the years, they've estimated what you could be raking in for the likes of old gadgets, no longer used furniture and more.

"dubizzle is seeking to develop and promote buying and selling used items, to educate and guide UAE residents about the many benefits of classified ads, and encourage them to accept the idea of "giving up" items that are no longer needed or used," Mr. Abdallah Touqan, Director of PR and Communications at dubizzle, said. "Some people in the same community may need certain items, which is a positive incentive that contributes to upgrading lifestyle within the community - thus, changing ownership culture within the community. When people can exchange things they do not use, they are contributing to the market's satisfaction in terms of price and quantity or supply and demand, in addition to sustaining cash, liquidity and wealth within the local market.

Check out the list below, which adds up to a whopping AED5,000!

  • DVD Player: AED250
  • Computer Mouse: AED105
  • Keyboard: AED155
  • PlayStation 3: AED400
  • Old BlackBerry: AED270
  • Hair Dryer: AED90.5
  • Shaver: AED108
  • Mixer: AED116.5
  • Toaster: AED114
  • Coffee maker: AED184
  • Kids car: AED120
  • Stuffed animals: AED250
  • Car seat: AED342
  • Toy: AED466
  • Children clothes: AED13
  • Stories and novels: AED110
  • School books and notebooks: AED170
  • DVD: AED30
  • CD: AED20
  • Heater: AED90
  • Fan: AED75
  • Coffee table: AED360
  • Rug: AED300
  • Long curtains: AED150
  • Perfume: AED72
  • Walking shoes: AED344
  • Dress: AED60
  • Purse: AED850
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Lisette Mejia
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