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Where the Queen of England Buys Home Furnishings

23 Home Decor Brands the Queen Loves and You Will, Too

Where the Queen of England Buys Home Furnishings
Image Source: Getty / Leon Neal

If you've been bingeing on The Crown recently, you may have been inspired by the superlavish palaces and oh-so-elegant country homes to bring a touch of queenly luxe to your own surroundings. But where would you even start to look for inspiration for such fancy-pants finery? Luckily, all the home decor suppliers that the actual queen uses are listed as Royal Warrant holders.

A Royal Warrant is a highly coveted mark of recognition that is bestowed upon a company that has supplied goods or services for at least five years to the queen, Prince Philip, or Prince Charles. It basically means the company can use this official royal seal of approval on its packaging and promotional materials and is a way of letting potential customers know that it creates the highest-quality products.

The companies are all from the UK, with lots of family businesses and artisanal craftspeople included. There are around 800 Royal Warrant holders, but the number changes all the time as supply and demand fluctuates. Maybe 40 will be dropped in a year, but another 40 will become newly credited. So when it comes to all home decor items, from brass taps to traditional block-printed soft furnishings and beeswax candles to copper cooking pots, you now know where to go. Check out where the queen shops for her home ahead.

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