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5 Ways Ramadan Can Be Good For Muslims and Non-Muslims Alike

5 Ways Ramadan is Great For Muslims and Non-Muslims Alike

The Holy Month began June 6 and is a time when Muslims all over the world reflect and fast.

Despite Ramadan being such an important occasion on the Islamic calendar, it's a great time for everyone in the Middle East to better themselves.

Read on to find out why this June and July could be the ideal time for you to immerse yourself in all things Ramadan, even if you're not Muslim.

Fasting can boost health

Fasting during daylight hours is good for lowering bad cholesterol levels and increasing the good fat in your blood. In turn, this helps protect against cardiovascular disease.


Just like with smoking, sugar addiction is real. Overall, fewer calories are consumed during Ramadan as people are more likely eat home-cooked meals, which keep bellies feeling fuller for longer. The less opportunity to snack on chocolate and drinks that cause a spike in blood sugar level, the better for those who need to shift some extra pounds.

Bad habits

It's a good time to cut down on things like swearing and smoking. These bad habits are not permitted in public during the Holy Month, so it's a good time to practice restraint in offensive language and puffing away on deadly cigarettes.


Spiritually, it's said this time of year helps provide a sense of tranquility in those who are practicing the acts of fasting and being charitable. Many give to the needy during this period and learn how to more thoughtful, kind and patient with others. Plus it feels great to give back.

More free time

Ramadan is a great opportunity to have more "me time", with decreased hours in the work day. Many people use the extra hours for gathering with the family at iftar, but if you can't be around loved ones this year, why not try out meditation, exercise, reading or prayer?

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