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You'll Be Fined AED500 If You're Ever Caught Doing This in Public in Dubai

Dubai is arguably one of the cleanest cities in the world and Dubai Municipality, it seems, is working very hard to maintain the status quo.

According to their Facebook page, The Waste Management Department has put systems in place to crack down against all the offenders who are caught urinating in public and harming the city's level of cleanliness.

They have installed about 700 awareness plates in many languages to "reduce the practices and behaviours distorting the cultural and aesthetic appearance of the Emirate in public places."

Director of the waste management department at Dubai Municipality, Abdul Majeed Saifaie, told Gulf News that the campaign was put in place after the civic body received many complaints from residents, "urging authorities to create an awareness campaign against such unhygienic incidents."

According to this campaign, offenders caught urinating in public for the first time will be penalized with a AED500 fine whereas second time offenders will face a fine of AED1000.

Honestly, nobody should be doing this anyway!

Image Source: Dubai Municipality Facebook
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