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Apps That Help With Anxiety

Every Anxious Person Needs to Download This Stress-Relieving App

Apps That Help With Anxiety

As a person who frets over every little thing, is quiet in unfamiliar social situations, sweats when speaking in meetings (funny but true), and stays in a lot (read: 24/7) — I knew that a swift download of the wellness app Pacifica was a good idea when I first heard about it. Pacifica claims to have daily tools for stress and anxiety that are based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness, from a center in California that works to help patients create goals, practice skills, and enhance life. Sounds decent, right? One week on the app proved to be even better.

Over the last several days, I breathed deeply, set objectives (and met them), recorded my thoughts, tracked my sleeping and mood habits, and entered a supportive community. Plus, I received notifications that would ask, "How are you feeling?" — which, though automatic, still made me feel nice. The only real downside was the limited features in the "Relax" section of the app. Deep breathing exercises came free, but unlocking visualization, soundscapes, and muscle relaxation would require a subscription that costs roughly $3 a month. Still, it's a small price to pay when it comes to virtual therapy that actually does make a difference. Below, I've listed the varying aspects of Pacifica, along with how they worked and in what ways they affected my anxiety.

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