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The Benefits of a Diffuser

The 1 Product That Helps Me Unwind at the End of the Day

When the work day's over, we all have different ways of relieving stress. Whether it be exercise, meditation, naps, or bubble baths, there's no wrong way to unwind. However, some methods are easier than others . . . and I'm all about finding the perfect lazy way to, well, be lazy. And I think I found it.

I've heard a lot about the benefits of aromatherapy — including (but not limited to) headache, insomnia, and stress relief, which is why I recently decided to give an essential oil diffuser a shot. The air in my room was a little dry, anyway, so it couldn't hurt.

I already have a few essential oils on hand: peppermint, tea tree, clove bud, and frankincense, to be exact, but the one I got from GuruNanda came with its own essential oil blend.

Putting the diffuser together was quick and easy. I popped it on my nightstand, added the blend, dimmed the lights, and fired it up. Not sure what to expect, I sprawled out on my bed and resumed scrolling through apps on my phone. Less than five minutes later, I felt a tug on my eyelids from the wonderful smells and the soft neon pastels lighting up the room.

Now, I always use my diffuser after coming home from the office, even if the day was minimally stressful. Breathing in the oils and letting my worrisome thoughts go with the steady stream of steam is an amazing way to relax and regroup.

If you're under any sort of pressure or feeling on edge, try adding a diffuser to your everyday post-work routine. It may not solve all your anxiety-inducing problems, but it most certainly clears your head in the interim.

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