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Benefits of Sodium

Why You Need to Make Sure You're Getting Enough Sodium This Summer

If you avoid sodium like the plague in fear of retaining too much water, take a chill pill, because this might just be the best time for you to guzzle down water from a brand you usually wouldn't buy.

If you go too far with restricting sodium in your diet, you might find that you'll suffer from muscle cramps, fatigue, headaches or nausea. Even worse, you may experience hallucinations, confusion and decreased consciousness.

Instead of putting focus on the sodium content in the water you're drinking, it's better to looks at cutting down on ready meals, deli meats, cooking stocks and more. With adults being allowed 2,300mg of sodium per day (according to the American Heart Association) and the average bottle of H2O containing 10mg, water intake shouldn't be the main concern.

"Sodium is one of the vital components of water and an important electrolyte in the body that helps in the normal functions of the muscles and nerves and is required for osmotic balance – or water and salt balance - in the body," Riham Shamseddine, a Clinical Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant at Right Bite says. "It is highly essential to consume an adequate amount of bottled water during Ramadan to prevent common side effects such as constipation, headaches, dizziness and dry skin."

The Institute of Medicine recommends that women drink 2.3 liters per day (excluding soft drinks and caffeinated beverages) while men should consume 3 liters in the summer heat.

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