The Best Advice These People Ever Received Will Help You Remember the Big Picture

Have you ever had a singular moment wherein someone sheds some thought-provoking insight — and it's just what you needed to hear, and it sticks with you for a long, long time? The interviewees in SoulPancake's video certainly have, and we love all the amazing tidbits they share. There's the 80-year-old man (who's in fantastic shape, by the way!) with the belief that you only succeed by keeping your eyes and ears open, and the 17-year-old with "get comfortable being uncomfortable" as her leading principle in life. There's a whole range of ages — all the way up to 105! — but every piece of advice is meaningful and can be applied to our own lives. Check out these below (the ages are in black on the left side).

And finally, my all-time favorite.

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