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Bloomingdale's Selling Swarovski-Studded Vimto For Ramadan

A Bottle of Vimto Could Cost You Up to AED180 This Ramadan

We all love a bit of Vimto, especially around Ramadan, but would you fork out AED180 for a bottle of the stuff? Bloomingdale's is selling the beverage in their Middle East stores (Dubai and Kuwait) from May 15 to June 24 in a bottle studded with Swarovski crystals, in the special designs you want at their customization stations. You'll also get a limited edition gold and Burgundy gift box.

Vimto was first introduced to the region in 1928 by the Aujan family, and the fruit cordial is a great energy booster after fasting all day. If you don't have that amount to splurge on, they have other options below but they don't come cheap at the department store...

Regular Vimto bottle with customized name: AED50/KD4

Regular Vimto bottle with Swarovski customized name: AED100/KD8

Regular Vimto bottle with full Swarovski customization: AED200/KD16

Vimto Mini Box (12 bottles): AED60/KD5

Vimto Mini with customized initials (12 bottles): AED120/KD10

Vimto Mini with initial customized by Swarovski (12 bottles): AED180/KD15

Image Source: Vimto
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