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Uber's Biggest Rival in the UAE Just Did Something Major To Compete With Their Planned Lower Prices

Uber recently announced they signed a deal in the UAE so they could offer a cheaper price plan for its users, and now it seems the ride-sharing app's rivals are jumping on board with a plan to rival it.

Careem just announced that they'll be offering a 'Taxi' option that will match people with the nearest RTA vehicle in their area. Once that happens the app shares the user's mobile phone number with the driver so they can connect. Unlike Careem, customers cannot get SMS or email receipts with the service and will have to ask for a print-out from the driver is need be.

Fares can be paid in cash and on a card if the vehicle has one.

"Today marks history for us. We committed to make getting around town easier for everyone and now with the addition of Dubai Taxis to our service, we are able to do so," Commenting on the announcement, Faraz Syed, Managing Director of Careem, UAE said. "Not only are we making life better for customers, we are also providing more business for the drivers who come to Dubai with ambitions to better support their families back home. It's great to be able to make a difference and we hope people will enjoy the freedom of booking a Dubai taxi from wherever they are, whenever they need to."

Hooray for cheaper transportation!

Image Source: Careem
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