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Cleaning Products That Are Dangerous to Mix

Mixing These 2 Household Cleaning Products Could Put You in the Hospital

If you have a pantry filled with cleaning products, think twice before absentmindedly using two of them at the same time. Many people don't realize that mixing bleach-based products with ammonia-based products can create a toxic gas called chloramine. The fumes from these gases can result in serious respiratory problems when inhaled. Symptoms like difficulty breathing, chest pain, burning eyes, and coughing can lead to pneumonitis or fluid in your lungs.

For example, when cleaning your toilet, don't use Windex Original Cleaner (containing ammonia) and Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner (containing bleach) at the same time. Mixing vinegar-based cleaners with bleach-based products can also lead to the same results. So make sure you're being careful when cleaning the surfaces of your home. It's so easy to forget these things and one simple mistake could lead to some scary health issues. Look at the ingredients on the bottle before using any cleaners at the same time.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Macy Williams
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