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Disneyland as an Adult

Why You Should Go to Disneyland as an Adult — Even If It's Your First Time

Disneyland as an Adult
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Anna Monette Roberts

I thought my love of Disney was over the minute I became a teenager. Princess movies? No thanks. Another Minnie Mouse plushie for my birthday? I'd rather have a new CD player instead. That's why when I first started working at POPSUGAR, I was amazed to hear how many of my coworkers regularly went to Disneyland as an adult. Wasn't it off limits as an adult? Was it a lame "vacation" to take? I decided to finally find out for myself (and to see whether it Disneyland was any better than Walt Disney World of course).

The short answer to my visit: yes, Disneyland is just as magical as an adult as it might be going as a kid. You can go on rides as many times as you want, plan better, and honestly, you whine less. See why everyone should go to Disneyland as an adult — especially if it's your first time!

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