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Dubai Driving Test

The New Dubai Driving Tests Are Designed to Outsmart You and We’re Still On The Fence About It

Getting a driver's license just got a lot higher tech. According to Dubai's Road Transport Authority (RTA), drivers will now be tested using smart cars that are driven in smart testing yards.

Gone are the days when drivers try and befriend their driving test instructors or exaggerate their movements when look in the rear-view and side mirrors to make sure their instructor saw them doing it.

Now, using hi-tech cameras linked to a central processor that is capable of capturing all data, the car is able to detect testing maneuvers and the driver's response to each maneuver. It basically means that drivers in these cars are judged on their driving skills and not their acting skills via the automated system of the car.

In February, there were only two smart yards. But plans are in place to establish another 16 smart testing yards by the end of 2018, according to Khaleej Times. By relying on these smart systems, human errors will be greatly reduced as well as transparency.

We aren't sure how happy we should be about this, but we are relived if it means our fate isn't tied to a sour test instructor that woke up on the wrong side of bed that day, and safer drivers on our roads.

Image Source: GMC
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