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Dubai Influencers Show Residents How to Put Gas in Car

Dubai Influencers Are Showing Residents How to Put Gas in Their Car Because ... Dubai

If you live in the UAE, you may have forgotten how to do a few things thanks to amazing services on offer. Take for example doing your own laundry; getting groceries and medication, and even putting gas in your car. Of course, you may not have learnt in the first place!

That's why the folks at ADNOC Distribution have put out a video on their Twitter account (@ADNOCdist) teaching people, step by step, how to put gas in by themselves. And you'll even spot a few influencers helping to demonstrtate. Only in Dubai…

The reason? Premium service (in other words, getting someone to do it for you) will cost money now, while self-service tank filling will be free.

But we're pretty sure we know how this will pan out. Residents will pay the fee anyways, because do you know how hot it gets in the UAE in the summer?


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