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Take a Nap at The Dubai Mall, Because Shopping Is Tiring

A post shared by The Dubai Mall (@thedubaimall) on

A full day of shopping can be exhausting, especially in The Dubai Mall, where the choices are endless and quite frankly, it's easy to get lost (it is the largest mall in the world after all).

So if you've ever felt like a little siesta while engaging in some retail therapy, guess what? You totally can now!

Thanks to The Dubai Mall's new sleeping lounge, all that play and no work can be rewarded with a power nap.

At level two of the mall's Grand Parking, 12 sleeping pods with USB ports and adaptors are available for tired shoppers who want to put their feet up.

The pods can be rented by the hour, with the first hour going for AED40, the second AED75, the third hour AED95. Any additional time after that is a AED20 per hour (although at that point, you should probably consider going home). And they've thought of everything; pillows are available to rent for AED10.

A similar idea exists in airports around the world.

To be honest, we might just give it a go without even shopping!

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