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Dubai Plans To Use "Flying Cars" By July 2017

Flying Cars Will Be the Coolest Way to Travel in Dubai This Summer

If you thought the idea of driverless cars, trains and trams was crazy, then get ready for this big news. People in Dubai could be flying around in car-like vehicles as soon as this July.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in the Emirate revealed that the first Autonomous Aerial Vehicles (AAV) will be operating in the city this summer, and don't require trained pilots as they're controlled by pre-set routes from a control center and get started using a touch screen.

They can carry up to 100kg in weight and are designed only to be in the air for 30 minutes and go distances up to 50km. It could get you from point A to B very quickly as it reaches speeds of 160km/h while cruising at a height of 3,000ft and is said to be super safe, with seven other propellers as back up if one fails.

Watch the video to find out more about these passenger drones!

Image Source: YouTube user rtadubaigov
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