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Dubai Ranked 2nd Best Shopping Destination in World

It’s Official: Shopping In Dubai Is Way Better Than Paris, Singapore and New York

When you think of the word shopping, Dubai is naturally what springs to mind first. The deal with shopping in Dubai is that it's not just one of the things on your to-do- list here; it's practically the reason why thousands travel to this Emirate every year.

With sprawling malls, avant-garde boutiques and an unforgettable shopping experience, it comes as little surprise that Dubai was ranked as the second most popular shopping destination in the world for the sixth consecutive year.

The Dubai Media Office recently shared this video which explains how Dubai has remained the undisputed shopper's paradise for so many years now!

According to CBRE UAE, Dubai beats crowd favorites Tokyo, Vienna, Singapore, Paris and New York to land up in the second position. The ultimate shopping destination in the world still remains London, however.

In 2016 alone, Dubai brought in some 53 international brands all across the Emirate and with Dubai also hosting a massive never-seen-before summer sale, the famed streets of New York and Paris have got nothing on Dubai!

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