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This New Service Could Make the Sharjah to Dubai Commute Easier Than Ever

The Sharjah to Dubai commute-- or the other way around--is famously dreaded by people living in both emirates.

Speaking to Khaleej Times on Tuesday, Sultan Al Shakrah, chief executive officer at Sharjah Oasis Real Estate Development, revealed plans that might ease the commute.

In the coming years, Sharjah has a plan to develop their Sharjah Waterfront City, potentially adding 'sea taxis' that will help residents get between Sharjah and Dubai Marina.

"We are seeing a growing interest among residents to stay in Sharjah," he said. "For this to happen, we have to ensure that residents are not inconvenienced by long commuting times to other emirates. To help residents that will be living at Sharjah Waterfront City, avoid getting stuck in traffic, we have devised a proposal for the RTA for sea taxis. We estimate that the time of travel between Dubai Marina and the marina at Sharjah Waterfront City to be between 20-40 minutes. People traveling between the two emirates can commute using a combination of the sea taxis and the bus and metro network."

While it's certainly a possibility, keep in mind that all plans are subject to RTA approval, and adding taxi service to and from Sharjah is still in talks.

Mohamad Chadi Itani, media and marketing consultant at Sharjah Oasis Real Estate Development, pointed this out, saying: "Right now, we have just pitched the proposal, so further details will come as progress is made on how the concept will work. However, we are confident that this proposal will offer a significant contribution to anyone commuting.

"The good thing about this mode of transportation is that you can go from Dubai Marina to any other marina in the emirates. There is no reason to be limited to just travel between Dubai and Sharjah. A network can be created between marinas in emirates with beach developments such as Ras Al Khaimah and even Abu Dhabi. The idea can be revolutionary if it gets the green light," he added.

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