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Emirates Business Class Features

See the Over-the-Top Perks of an Emirates Airlines Business Class Flight

Emirates Business Class Features
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I'm not usually one to travel in what you'd call "luxury." I'm a bargain-hunting adventurer, who picks the cheapest seat on the plane and who is happy as long as there's a bed to fall into at the end of the day. Or a hammock. Or a sleeping bag. However, that doesn't mean I can't appreciate, or in fact, immensely enjoy it when an extravagant opportunity presents itself. Enter: Emirates business class. The airline is known for being one of the best in the world — and they truly live up to that status, from their impeccable customer service to their top-of-the-line planes, particularly the business and first class sections.

On my recent trip to Thailand with Pandora Jewelry for the opening of a new crafting facility, I was able to experience the palatial features of Emirates business class. I flew from Bangkok, Thailand to Dubai, UAE, had a layover in Dubai, and then flew Dubai to LA — both legs of the flight (one 7-hour and one 17-hour), were in Emirates business. From large big-screen TVs, personal minibars, full meals and drinks available the entire flight, and so many movie and TV options I couldn't keep count, the flight was a far cry from your average trip — and I loved it.

In addition to the regular perks of flying business class, like priority check-in, a fast pass through security, access to airport lounges, and included food and beverages, Emirates (especially Emirates Airbus 380) offers a unique level of luxury you'll be hard-pressed to find with many other airlines. From an actual lounge on board the plane to seats that recline fully flat, touch-screen technology, and gourmet dining, it's an experience that's worth having (at least once in a lifetime) if you're in the mood to majorly splurge. The downside is that this glamorous method of travel costs WELL above your average ticket price, and can end up costing more than your trip itself does. Take a look at the over-the-top features of Emirates business class.

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