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Emirates Flights to Tunisia 2018

Emirates Will Resume Flights Between Dubai and Tunisia

Two weeks ago, Tunisia's transport ministry announced that they would be suspending Emirates flights to and from the country until it finds a solution to operate flights "in accordance with international law and agreements."

The concern specifically had to do with security officials in the UAE targeting women from Tunisia, as people reported increased screenings, delays going through customs in the UAE, and additional examination of visas.

Now, the suspension has been reversed, and Emirates flights in and out of Tunis will resume.

According to WAM, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation announced that flights will resume following "extensive security communication."

"The competent authorities in the UAE have decided that the standard processes will be reinstated to their normal state before the unforeseen circumstances," WAM reports.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation added that it appreciates the importance of joint co-operation within the framework of strong bilateral relations between the UAE and Tunisia. It values the information provided by the Tunisian side and their keenness to address all sources of concern for the UAE's national carriers."

Authorities in both countries have emphasized that the safety and security of passengers is the highest priority.

It's not the first time Emirates has faced uncertainly with its flights to Tunisia. In 2016, the airline did not allow cabin crew to switch in Tunisia. Instead, flights from the country landed in Malta, where crew switched.

Image Source: Flickr
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