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Emirates Warn Passengers to Check In Early This Eid Al Fitr

Why Passengers Are Being Warned to Get to the Airport Extra Early This Weekend

Even if you're planning on making an early escape this Eid Al Fitr weekend, watch out, because the airports are going to be hectic from as early as Wednesday evening. Terminal 3 alone at Dubai International Airport is expected to see more than 106,000 people pass through the Emirates terminal as people jet off to celebrate their holiday weekend. On Friday June 23, 37,000 people will fly out of the busy terminal and with road works and construction on the DXB area, people are being warned to allow extra time to they can arrive at least three hours before takeoff.

To allow for delays, people can check-in in person up to six hours before their flight but no later than 60 minutes prior. If you're going to the United States and want to avoid the electronics ban, you can check your devices in from 48 hours to 90 minutes before you travel.

As a reminder, you can carry up to 7kg for Economy Class and 14kg for Business and First Class in carry-on weight, plus you can drop bags off at the airport and check-in at one of 16 counters in the parking lot, from six hours to 24 hours before.

Eid Mubarak!

Image Source: Emirates
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