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Extra Charge for Uber and Careem Rides in Dubai

Uber and Careem Rides in Dubai Just Got a Little More Expensive

Many of us in the UAE have come to rely heavily-- if not exclusively-- on the transportation services Uber and Careem. Especially for those who rarely have cash on hand, or who can't seem to navigate this maze of a city, having a ride that's linked to your credit card and which relies upon GPS is key for getting around.

Now, though, a change by the RTA is going to make these rides a little less pleasant.

Effective beginning today, a new deal will impose an AED 3 charge on all Careem rides. Within the next three months, the same fee will be applied to Uber rides, too. The charge will be automatically added onto your bill.

AED 3 doesn't seem like a ton, but if you take Uber or Careem to work every day, that adds up to AED 6 extra each day; AED 30 each week; and AED 120 each month.

Time to start carrying around cash? Maybe...if only it wasn't so dirty.

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