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Fine For Dirty Car Abu Dhabi

You Could Get Fined in Abu Dhabi For Having a Dirty Car

It's not always easy keeping your car spotless in the UAE. With frequent sand and dust storms--and a ton of construction that also causes a lot of dust to fly--it's pretty common to have a fine coat of dust on your vehicle year-round.

While having a dirty car can be unpleasant, it's now more than just an inconvenience if you live in Abu Dhabi.

A new crackdown on cars left for extended period of times has officials issuing fines to motorists who fail to clean their cars regularly. "An official from the municipality said dirty cars are an eye sore to the public and can pose risks to others if wind picks up the dust and blows it on other cars or on people," The National reports.

It's definitely cheaper to just get your car washed-- drivers who leave that coast of dust can face fines up to Dhs 3,000, so it's smart to just clean it off regularly.

While the law banning "unsightly" cars has been around since 2012, authorities have become more and more strict over recent months, and the law applies to any vehicle (including boats), so it's smart to keep things clean to avoid fines. Get washing!

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