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Fire at Grand Egyptian Museum

A Fire Broke Out at the (Still Unfinished) Biggest Archeological Museum in the World

A big fire has reportedly started at the still under-construction Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) on Sunday, reported Egypt Today.

Located between Modern Cairo and the ancient Pyramids of Giza, when completed, at 491,000 sq. meters, GEM is set to become the largest archaeological museum in the world. It will also house more than 100,000 artifacts covering 3,000 years of Egyptian history.

In other words, it's slated to be one of the top Museums in the world. Currently, less than half of the artifacts have been transferred, but the fire started in the Conference building, hopefully, minimizing the damage.

It is still unclear how and why the fire started and if there are any casualties. But everyone had been evacuated and an investigation is underway.

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