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Flamingos in Celestún, Mexico

If You Love Flamingos, You Better Book Your Summer Vacation For Celestún, Mexico

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Looking for a warm weather getaway? If you love flamingos, make Celestún in Yucatán, Mexico your next stop. The area is far less crowded compared to the more popular tourist destinations, so you're in for an authentic, relaxing vacation. What the town is especially know for is the Celestun Special Biosphere Reserve, home to thousands of flamingos.

The best time to visit the flamingos is from March to September because of their migration pattern. You can take a boat tour through the area where you can see all the flamingos up close and personal. If these funny pink creatures aren't enough to get you to Celestún, the beaches, hotels, and food definitely will. This location is a rising hot spot in Mexico, so book your tickets ASAP!

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