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Flight Attendant Performs Virgin America Video

This Hilarious Video Will Make You Love Virgin America Even More Than You Already Do

Finally, this Virgin America flight had a full, live performance of the safety information! I overheard one flight attendant say to the other, "Shall I do the safety demo?" And the other replied, "No. I've got this." At that point I grabbed my camera! Lol! 😆

Posted by Patricia Roberts on Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Whether you love it or hate it (don't lie — you love it), Virgin America's safety video is undeniably catchy. If you've ever found yourself singing "so tonight, get ready to fly, cuz we're gonna live it up in the sky" in the shower long after your travels were over — well, you're not alone. However, while nearly all of us have gotten the 5-minute video version of the notorious safety demo, few have been so lucky to get a live reenactment. Until now.

A Virgin flight attendant busted some major moves on a trip and rather impressively performed the entire video for the passengers on the plane. Considering she's probably heard that song approximately 3,647 times . . . it kind of makes sense she'd know it by heart. Watch the hilarious performance, and fair warning: this song WILL get stuck in your head.

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