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Forbes Highest Paid Celebrities 2016

The Forbes List of the World's Highest Paid Celebrities Is Full of BIG Surprises

Forbes released their annual list of the world's highest paid celebrities in 2016 and everyone is buzzing about some of the unexpected people who topped the list. Based on her her net worth, it's no surprise that Taylor Swift is number one, grossing $170,000,000 this past year. Other stars like Dr. Phil McGraw, author James Patterson, and soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo are not who we would first guess to make the top five, however.

Check out the top 15 celebs who are bringing in the big bucks and check out Forbes to see who else is included in the remaining 100. Their incomes will blow you away.

1. Taylor Swift, $170,000,000, USA
2. One Direction, $110,000,000, UK
3. James Patterson, $95,000,000, USA
4. Dr. Phil McGraw, $88,000,000, USA
4. Cristiano Ronaldo, $88,000,000, Portugal
6. Kevin Hart, $87,500,000, USA
7. Howard Stern, $85,000,000, USA
8. Lionel Messi, $81,500,000, Argentina
9. Adele, $80,500,000, UK
10. Rush Limbaugh, $79,000,000, USA
11. LeBron James, $77,000,000, USA
12. Madonna, $76,500,000, USA
13. Ellen DeGeneres, $75,000,000, USA
14. Rihanna, $75,000,000, Barbados
15. Garth Brooks, $70,000,000, USA

Image Source: Getty / Mike Coppola
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