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Google Year in Search Trending Topics Saudi Arabia 2017

Saudi Arabia's Top Trending Search Terms For 2017 Reveal a Lot

Alongside US President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia this year and her visit in particular got people talking all over the world.

But the First Lady of the United States wasn't the most queried trending term on the internet. The government's new electronic portal, Citizen's Account, was the no.1 search term and the Ministry of Education's Faris System. Perhaps surprising is that the country's lifting of the women's driving ban did not appear in the top 10 searches, instead the likes of the "iPhone 8" and "Qatar" showed up.

"More than a billion people come to Google Search everyday to learn, discover, and find answers. Google's 2017 Year in Search showcases the people, topics, events, and places that captured the world's attention this year," Joyce Baz, Head of Communications for Google in the Middle East and North Africa said . "There are many ways to explore the year through the lens of Google Search — from Saudi Arabia's qualification to the 2018 World Cup, the passing of Hanaa Iskandar, this year's various results are reflective of what truly captured people's attention over the year. We are happy to see that Google was part of people's everyday lives as they searched for some of the most important moments of the year."

See below for the full list and a breakdown of categories.


  1. Citizen's Account
  2. Faris System
  3. Sheilat Zelzela
  4. Solutions
  5. Future Gate
  6. Qatar
  7. Shabab Al Bomb
  8. Rashed Shuaib
  9. iPhone 8
  10. Spinner


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  1. Potato Dumplings
  2. Egg Mutabaq
  3. Saffron Cake
  4. Kunafa
  5. Oatmeal soup
  6. Muhalabiya
  7. Creme Caramel
  8. Al Manto Al Kathab
  9. Al Hanini
  10. Lotus Truffle


  1. Rashed Shuaib
  2. Roaa Al Sabban
  3. Ivanka Trump
  4. Feyhan Family
  5. Abdulaziz Bin Saud Bin Nayef
  6. Salman Returns
  7. Wafaa Al Kilani
  8. Five Lights (band)
  9. Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud
  10. Hanaa Iskandar

News Events

  1. Abdul Aziz Bin Fahd
  2. Maan Al Sanea
  3. Hanaa Iskandar
  4. NEOM Project
  5. Hurricane Irma


  1. KSA vs Japan
  2. KSA vs UAE
  3. Al-Hilal vs Urawa
  4. KSA vs Iraq
  5. KSA vs Portugal
  6. Al-Hilal vs Al Ain
  7. Saudi Arabia vs Iraq
  8. Egypt vs Cameroon
  9. Al-Hilal vs Perspolis


  1. Shabab Al Bomb
  2. Thekrayat La Tmout
  3. Five Girls
  4. Ramez Taht Al Ard
  5. Gharabeeb Sood
  6. Selfie 3
  7. Hayat Thanya
  8. Bab Al Hara 9
  9. Zawaj Maslaha
  10. 13 reasons why


  1. Zelzela
  2. Descpacito
  3. Awafi
  4. Sah
  5. Tahzim Tahzim
  6. Haqeer Al Shoq
  7. Thak Al Ghabi
  8. Serha Ya Hajesi
  9. Teer Inta
  10. Enta Malek
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