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How Many 'Best Books of The Century' Have You Read?

How Many 'Best Books of The Century' Have You Read?

It's way to hot to go outside, which means many of us in the region have been spending weekends binge-watching series on Netflix.

If your eyes are getting tired of staring at the screen for too long, though (or if you've finished every Real Housewives season available...), it might be time to trade TV for a good old fashioned book.

If you need some reading inspiration, USC Rossier put together a list of the 100 top-rated books of the century. Using data from and, USC Rossier selected the bestselling books of the century across a number of categories. But instead of just giving us a list, the company made an easy-to-follow flow chart to help you pick your next summer read.

Check it out below!

Best Books

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