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How to Meditate

You're Meditating Wrong, According to This Saudi Life Coach

A lot of people don't find meditation appealing; they know it's something they should probably do to help calm the mind but when it comes down it, it's boring. I include myself in this group but according to Dr. Sumaya Alnasser, a life coach from Saudi Arabia who is based in Los Angeles, you might be doing it wrong.

She previously said: "The practice of meditation is often understood as sitting in a secluded room for hours of undisturbed silence. But that isn't it. Meditation is different for every person – it is meant to be catered to your needs and what it is that you look to accomplish by setting aside time for yourself."

And in a chat with POPSUGAR Middle East, she shared why the practice is something we should incorporate into our routines.

"The nature of civic life is complex and stressful and requires continuous effort, attention and attention," she said. "If we persist for a long time under this pressure, we will suffer from physical and psychological illnesses."

Adding that it helps us balance and develop she explained that meditation is great for setting goals such as "attraction, cleaning up the mess of feelings, expansion and spiritual communication."

Sympathizing that due to most people living life under pressure and tension, it's difficult for them to reach the zen alpha brain wave in meditation, something which comes naturally when daydreaming or sleeping. But with plenty of practice, we can become free from that constant nagging worry and thoughts whizzing through our heads.

"Regular meditation helps keep you focused and rearranged, and helps you control any emotional chaos that may occur at any moment. Regular meditation helps to heal and spiritual sublimation," she continued.

We'll have some of that.

"If you have a conversation with a friend, you can meditate on the best way for this conversation. If you have a serious decision about your health, you can work on meditation," she added. "Meditation works to clarify the goal and refocus it at the frequencies. Meditation makes our goals faster and easier. It guides us to the wrong situation sometimes and shows the easier way."

Seeing goals and smashing them? Now, that's the type of meditation I can get down with.

Never tried meditation before? Here's five steps to getting started.

  1. Begin by finding a quiet place with soft lighting, where you can sit comfortably. Unclasp your hands and feet and get rid of any accessories or items that you might find distracting.
  2. Close your eyes, take a very deep breath, and try to imagine that you fill your stomach with air and not your lungs.
  3. Pause after every intake of breath and focus your consciousness on the center of your body – in your heart.
  4. Exhale slowly, and with every exhale you must feel that you have emptied your entire stomach of the air and all the negative emotions along with it.
  5. Continue to do this several times and then stop for a moment. Exhale until you reach a state of complete relaxation and calmer thoughts.
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