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Images That Show What Anxiety Feels Like

These 12 Images Perfectly Sum Up What Living With Anxiety Feels Like

Anxiety is stressful, immobilizing, and oftentimes terrifying. It's essential that we recognize and acknowledge the effects anxiety can have and be open about dealing with it. Illustrator, type designer, and graphic designer Pranita Kocharekar created images that speak to the issue in a very relatable way. Each one of the illustrations is SO accurate — as a highly anxious person, I've had every single one of these thoughts in my life (and probably just today . . .). If you struggle with anxiety, then these photos will most definitely hit close to home.

"I knew that stating these facts alone will not be enough to spread awareness of the illness," Kocharekar told the Huffington Post, where the images were first published. "It's very easy for a person suffering through anxiety to worry about having anxiety. I hope that my illustrations will ease them a little."

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