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Imgur User Helps People Fly Home For Christmas

This Kind Man on Imgur Is Helping Users Who Can't Afford to Go Home For the Holidays

Can't afford to go home for the holidays? Maybe I can help you out. (Again.)

It's the season of giving, and one man is truly demonstrating what the holidays are all about. As an entrepreneur, author, and public speaker whose job requires a ton of traveling, Peter Shankman has racked up enough frequent flier miles to cover more than himself, his friends, and his family. So instead of saving up those extra points toward a trip of his own, he's paying it forward for the second year and helping Imgur users who can't afford to go home for the holidays.

Under the Imgur username phsnyc, Peter announced his giveaway that will send at least two people on a round trip within the US. He's not choosing the winner, either — the Imgur community will. In his post, he instructs users to create a new post in the Home For the Holidays category, where other users will vote. The highest rated post by Friday, Dec. 2 at 5 p.m. EST will be selected winner. There's no catch whatsoever!

See all the details above in Peter's post!

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