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International Retail Brands in Dubai

Dubai Is the Best City in the World For Shopping International Brands, and It's Easy to See Why

International Retail Brands in Dubai
Image Source: Emaar

When you think of cities synonymous with shopping, the first three that come to mind are New York, London, and Paris. But Dubai has them all beat when it comes to the number of retail brands available. In fact, there are more shopping brands in Dubai than anywhere else in the world, according to a 2017 report that was recently published by CBRE, a real estate consultancy with worldwide presence.

Out of 334 international retailers studied, more than two thirds of them (that's 62 percent) are already in Dubai. That makes it number one on the list. Shanghai came second with 55.3 percent retailer presence, London third (51.7 percent), Abu Dhabi fourth (51 percent), Paris fifth (48.0 percent), Hong Kong sixth place (48 percent), Singapore seventh (46.7 percent), New York eighth (46.3 percent), Qatar ninth (45.3 percent), and Moscow tenth place (45.3 percent).

If you've been to the UAE you'd know that malls are a huge part of the social culture of the country. Watching movies, exercising and, obviously, shopping, all takes place in malls. Here's a list of some of the great international brands in the malls of Dubai.

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