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Jet Ski Fine Abu Dhabi

Jet Skiers in Abu Dhabi Will Be Fined If They Break This Rule

If you've been on the popular beaches in the UAE, you know how close to the shore jet ski riders come.

True story: I was recently on the beach in Dubai and the amount of jet skiers around us whizzing in all directions felt like sharks circulating their prey. They created waves in an otherwise peaceful bay (that my 2-year-old did not enjoy), and so much noise and stress, frankly, it ruined our day. We left with a headache and a vow to never go back to that particular spot.

And now it seems that the jet skiers who get too close to the line (shoreline that is), will pay for their recklessness.

The Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi has issued a new fine for those who jet ski less than 200 meters from the beach. First-time offenders will pay AED1,000, while a second-time offense will cost AED2,000 and offenders will have their jet skis impounded for a month, third time offenders who clearly didn't learn their lesson will pay AED4,000 and face two months at the impound (although we think a little longer wouldn't hurt).

I hope Dubai gets on it next.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Lisette Mejia
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