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Lazy Habits to Kick

9 Lazy Habits to Kick in 2018

When it comes to resolutions, maybe you're an expert at successfully raising the bar for yourself year after year, or maybe not so much. No worries — whether you're a bona fide pro or total novice of self-improvement during the changing calendar, try your hardest to kick these nine lazy habits to the curb. Anyone can tackle them, and you'll feel tremendously more organized, productive, and fulfilled in the new year . . . guaranteed.

1. Putting off your laundry.

Dedicate one evening per week to laundry. I like to do it on a day I don't really give AF about, such as Tuesday or Wednesday as opposed to Friday. Yep, laundry sucks (always will!), but it's just one night of the week you're forced to suck it up and do it. This way, your dirty clothes, sheets, and towels will never pile up!

2. Letting your resumé gather digital dust.

You may be completely happy in your profession; you may be looking to switch jobs next year. Either way — don't ever let your resumé collect dust! You never know when an obstensibly random golden opportunity is going to cross your path, and besides, it's smart to keep track of all your accomplishments as they happen. That way, you're not at risk of forgetting what you've achieved!

3. Leaving your dirty dishes in the sink.

Not to toot my own horn, but I always wash my dishes immediately after I use them — mostly because I don't have a dishwasher, and I hate to see a pile of messy plates cluttering up my sink. Let's face it, thinking about when the hell you're finally going to get to washing the fifty dirty dishes in your kitchen is a horrible feeling. It takes all of sixty seconds to throw a little soap on your silverware, rinse off, and put away.

4. Neglecting to keep in contact with loved ones.

I get it — I'm about as social as a caterpillar swaddled in its cocoon. However, I still make a point to reach out to those who are important to me (albeit mostly over text or Facebook messenger, because OF COURSE I'm not going to talk on the phone if I don't have to). No matter your method, make sure friends and family know how much you care. Drop a friendly "hello" or meaningful "love you" once in a while. Trust me — it goes a long ways.

5. Vegging out on the couch.

After a long day at work, all you want to do is sprawl out on your sofa at home. That's perfectly fine . . . in moderation. I'm not saying you should immediately hop on the nearest treadmill and sprint five miles once 5 p.m. hits; I am telling you a bit of exercise here and there does a world of good. You can use your car a little less and walk a little more, you can join a gym and stop by on weekends, or you can try simple at-home workouts. Just make sure you're not doing nothing, all the time.

6. Doing your taxes at the last minute.

The majority of us dread doing taxes — whether you're getting money back or not, they're a total pain in the ass — but preparing the forms early will relieve some of the stress. Shoot for a few weeks in advance, and you'll be thanking yourself the day they're due.

7. Not saving your money.

Speaking of money, if you're not carving out the time to create a reasonable weekly or monthly budget so you can set aside extra cash, you're screwing yourself over in the long (and short) term. If you need help, check out ClearPoint's budget calcuator — they also provide free credit counseling sessions.

8. Skipping healthy, homemade meals.

As the former queen of frozen food, I'm very understanding when it comes to the meal convenience factor. However, I recently made dinner for the first time EVER (yep), and it was as though I discovered a whole new culinary realm. Cooking isn't as demanding as it looks — especially if you select a five-ingredient recipe. Make it a goal to get your chef on three nights a week.

9. Being afraid to try new things.

You may not think feeling scared to step out of your box is a "lazy habit," per se, but if it's stopping you from getting what you want, it sure as hell is. Face your fears and shimmy out of your comfort zone. This year can be your ultimate testament to success — but only if you're willing to make it that. If your life is a graph, force it to spike dramatically upward in 2016. No excuses, and certainly no apologies.

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