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Lebanese NGO Safe Sex Video

This Video Is Changing the Way We Talk About Sexual Health

The topic of safe sex -- whether the importance of it and how to practice it--isn't always at the forefront of conversation in the Arab world.

As it's often overlooked, the gravity of STDs and unplanned pregnancies are sometimes unspoken. One Lebanese non-profit organization is working hard to change the way we talk and think about sex in the region -- one condom at a time.

Beirut-based Marsa Sexual Health Center has released a rare video showing how to properly put on a condom, and two Lebanese stars were brought in to help the video deliver an even bigger punch. Singer Hamed Sinno and actress Yumna Ghandour, and the aim of the video is to raise awareness on ways to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

"Sexual health is a responsibility," one of the stars tells the audience. Holding a condom, Hamed announces "we'll show you how."

Diana Abou Abbas, Executive Director at Marsa, spoke to Stepfeed about the video, saying: "We've barely seen any ads that promote condom use in Lebanon on TV since the 1990s. As a result, young people in Lebanon are growing up with little or no information on sexual health and prevention.

"As an NGO that provides awareness and education on sexual health, we find it imperial to talk openly about condom use and highlight the role condoms play in the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies," she added.

The video is certainly innovative and potentially groundbreaking, but if nothing else, it serves as an important reminder that sexual health must not be neglected.

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