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Most Powerful Passport in the World

Germany No Longer Has the Most Powerful Passport in the World

Though Germany has long held the honor of having the most powerful passport in the world, the 2017 rankings reveal that the European nation no longer tops the list.

Countries are ranked by how many places its citizens are allowed to travel visa-free, and though German citizens have a visa-free score of 158, one Asian country has it beat.

For the first time ever, an Asian country has the most powerful passport in the world. Citizens of the tiny Southeast nation of Singapore hold a passport with a visa-free score of 159, allowing them to travel visa-free to 173 countries.

Singapore's rise to the top came when Paraguay removed its visa requirement for Singaporeans-- the 173rd country to do so.

While European countries dominate the top spots on the list, the UAE has a fairly powerful passport, and certainly the most powerful in the Middle East.

With a visa-free score of 128 and an overall ranking of the 27th most powerful passport, Emiratis enjoy visa-free travel to a number of destinations around the world.

Other countries in the region that rank higher than in previous years include Kuwait (49), Qatar (51), and Bahrain (54).

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