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Narwhal Safari Arctic Canada

Don't Freak Out, But Narwhals Are Real and You Can SWIM With Them on This Epic Arctic Safari

You should probably sit down for this — there's a safari available where you can snorkel with narwhals. And yes, narwhals are very much real in case you ever found yourself wondering about that. Natural World Safaris will take you on an eight day journey through Arctic Canada where you have the chance to go narwhal watching in kayaks. Upon spotting these unicorns of the sea, you will even be able to get in the water and swim along side them! Freaking out yet?

The tour operators are offering two of these safaris in June, so you better sign up ASAP. Obviously, swimming with one of the most mysterious ocean creatures in the world comes at a price. This trip will cost you at least $9,600, but the experience is totally worth the investment. To learn more about these incredible animals, check out the video below.

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