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New Rochelle Graduate Working to Care For Disabled Brothers

Inspiring Student Who Worked 4 Jobs to Care For Her Disabled Brothers Earned Diploma

College is challenging enough without holding down a job, but 22-year-old College of New Rochelle student Bianca Jeannot made it look easy. Bianca, who graduated with honors in the class of 2016, tragically lost her mom in 2012 — and promptly became the sole breadwinner for her family of three. She juggled four jobs at once while attending full-time school and caring for her two disabled brothers, somehow managing to participate in student government, write and edit a literary magazine, and start an award-winning anime club on the side.

When asked about the struggle to maintain her 3.8 GPA in addition to these responsibilities that are far beyond her years, Bianca humbly told ABC News: "Although we've suffered, and although we've gone through a lot, it's made me who I am, and I wouldn't change it for the world. If I can do it, it means that it's meant for me." The sage 22-year-old lived in homeless shelters and government housing for a few years before losing her mom, so making the best out of challenging circumstances is nothing new to her.

When she walked across the stage to accept her diploma from Good Morning America host Robin Roberts, Bianca's older brother (who has renal failure) and younger brother (who has Down Syndrome) were there to support her from the audience. "I couldn't have done it without the support of my friends and family, and my partner, Amanda," said the new grad of her inspiring journey.

"She is one of the most energetic, creative, vibrant, intelligent students I've ever had," one of Bianca's professors told a local news outlet. Now that she's got an English degree and additional certifications in forensic science, Bianca hopes to find work in the animal welfare field . . . but first, she's long overdue for a nap.

Get inspired by Bianca's full story by watching the video above!

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