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Pokemon Go Game Helps Deal With Anxiety

Pokémon Go Is Helping People Deal With Social Anxiety and Depression in the Most Amazing Ways

Pokémon Go isn't just a nostalgic blast from the past. And coming from someone who isn't a big gamer, it's not just a game that only hardcore fans can get on board with — because I certainly have. What's more special about it is how the game is actually helping people deal with issues of social anxiety and even depression. The game is literally bringing people out of their shells — they are leaving their homes and getting fresh air and exercise, and even meeting other fans of the game at Lures, Pokéstops, and Gyms. One Imgur user shared their own experience with how the game has helped them.

"In these three days, I've met over 25 complete strangers that wanted to meet up and just talk and play together. This was actually one of the better experiences in my life. There was no feeling of anxiety, everyone was so friendly. I keep meeting more and more people on the way and have small talks with them. The game has made me go outside again, overcome my anxiety and live a little better."

Read the whole post below, and get back to catching them all!

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