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Recording Video Without Permission Is Against UAE Law

Recording a Video Without Permission Could Land You In Jail. Who Knew?

See something worth remembering or sharing with friends and thinking of recording it?

Think again. Taking a video without consent is against the law in the UAE. Yes, you heard right. In fact, taking a video, photograph, or using someone else's picture is forbidden, as is eavesdropping, recording or transmitting by any means possible, a conversation that was held over the phone or in a public place.

And even if the person is right in front of you, and can clearly see what you're doing, you cannot record or snap their picture without their go-ahead, Khaleej Times reports.

If you're dead set on revenge (or are just a jerk) who thinks nothing of hurting or slandering people, by publishing any stories, news, pictures or comments about them (that would violate their privacy or their families' privacy) expect a hefty fine and jail time for your transgressions.

Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, who lives in the UAE now, have praised the government for laws like these as it means no paparazzi are allowed.

In an age where cyber stalking and threatening is very real and very harmful to teens (whose parents may have no idea that it's going on because it's not a physical threat) such laws are very welcome and appreciated.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography
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