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Saudi Students Tearing Up Textbooks

Saudi Students Receive a Warning After Tearing Up Their Textbooks

Students around the world are happy about the school year coming to an end, but some kids in Saudi Arabia may be a little too excited about the summer vacation.

In a video that's gone viral since it was posted less than 48 hours ago, primary school students in Tabuk can be seen tearing up their text books and throwing the pages into the street.

Though it seems innocent enough, the video prompted an investigation from the Ministry of Education, and the head of Razi Elementary school has since been fired. The controversy doesn't end there, though: the man who has been fired is planning on suing the Ministry, claiming that he has no control over students once they leave school grounds, and no responsibility for them, either.

The book-tearing isn't just isolated to the one school, and it's become a practice not only within the Kingdom, but in other countries, as well. Saudi's Ministry of Education is planning on forming a committee to study the issue, and to come up with a way to end it.

While the end of the school year certainly is an occasion for celebration, there's got to be a better way to ring in the summer than by destroying books!

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