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Six Flags Saudi Arabia

Now Six Flags Is Opening in Saudi Arabia Too

Back in August 2016 we reported that Six Flags was making its debut in the Middle East, but watch out Dubai – the theme park will follow up with a Saudi Arabia location the just a few years later.

The brand will find a home inside the Qiddiya entertainment, sports and cultural destination in 2022, reports Forbes, catering to the many young people in the country (nearly two thirds of the population are under 35).

Six Flags is already prevalent in the United States, Canada and Mexico, and now that KSA is becoming more of a tourist destination, it seems the brands could be looking at branching out all across the Middle East.

Recently, Saudi has given women the right to drive, removed the ban on cinemas and relaxed rules on the way women can dress so the park will no doubt draw in a good crowd.

Six Flags Dubai is set to open in 2019 and the Stateside creators are looking to outdo themselves. With New Jersey currently home to the planet's tallest roller coaster - check it out in the video clip - Dubai is said to be the next home of that accolade according to the Wall Street Journal.

The current record-holder, Kingda Ka, stands at a mighty 139 meters.

"There will be rides that are bigger, better, faster, broader than any rides in the world," John Odum, senior vice president of international park operations at Six Flags, previously told the publication.

Image Source: Twitter user sixflagsovertx
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