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Things to Do Before You Turn 30

29 Things You Should Do Before Turning 30

Before opening an new chapter in your life, there's some things you need to do! Your 20s are all about having adventures, learning from your mistakes, and figuring out your path. Before you turn 30, take a look at this bucket list and make sure to check off all these items of your list! We challenge you to do all of these activities before you hit 30.

  1. Travel somewhere by yourself.
  2. Apply for the job of your dreams.
  3. Embrace your body type and love it.
  4. Take a girl's trip.
  5. Try to learn a new language.
  6. Run a marathon.
  7. Go to college.
  8. Discover your personal style.
  9. Do something that scares you, like skydiving.
  10. Buy tickets to a weekend-long music festival.
  11. Learn how to cook well.
  12. Move to a new city, even if it's for just a year.
  13. Ask for a raise.
  14. Go to a casino.
  15. Plan a big dinner party for your friends.
  16. Take a road trip.
  17. Go skinny dipping.
  18. Figure out what kind of wine you love.
  19. Take a class that will improve one of your skills.
  20. Stay up all night in a big city.
  21. Volunteer for a good cause.
  22. Learn what kind of exercise you enjoy.
  23. Travel with your best friend.
  24. Get your fortune read.
  25. Stay in a hostel.
  26. Open a savings account.
  27. Take a challenging hike.
  28. Treat yourself to something nice.
  29. Follow your dreams, no matter how far-reaching they seem.
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim
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