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Things to Do in Washington DC

8 Things to Do in the USA's Capital, Washington DC

Things to Do in Washington DC
Image Source: Leah Simpson

Aside from the Watergate Scandal, Barack Obama's entire presidency and the assassination of JFK, this has to be one of the most fascinating times in American politics. Oh, wait, there's also the whole Monica Lewinsky thing, and Hilary Clinton standing by Bill Clinton despite infidelity allegations even before all that …

OK, so life in the US capital, Washington DC, is exciting to the say the least. Which is why it's totally worth booking a city break the next time you're thinking of getting away. Just a few hours away from New York by train, it's the home of all things politics, but there's so much more to get stuck into. Read on for where to go to eat, be entertained and enthralled by the rich history and culture.

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