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Things to Be Grateful For Quotes

33 Inspiring Quotes That Will Spark a Whole New Level of Gratitude

Things to Be Grateful For Quotes

Let's face it: no matter how well our lives are going, we all have a tendency to want more. Whether it's yearning for more money, more adventure, a bigger house, or a nicer car (and this list could go on), it's so easy to wish for more that we sometimes forget to appreciate all that we already have.

While there is nothing wrong with aiming higher, we must remember to take our sense of appreciation along for the ride because there is no other term in the universe that has more power, more influence, and more effect on our lives than this three-syllable word: gratitude.

So if you're looking to become infused with the goodness that gratitude can bring forth, you're in luck, as we've rounded up quite the collection of wisdom. Ahead are 33 quotes and phrases guaranteed to illuminate a whole new level of thankfulness.

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