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Things You're Too Old For in Your 30s

30 Things You're Too Old For in Your 30s

Your 30s are some of the best years of your life because you're likely to be more financially secure, settled into your life, and have a better understanding of who you are. And even if you still have some things to figure out, you've at least lived and learned from most of the trial-and-error bullsh*t from your 20s. The fun doesn't stop when you reach your third decade, but there are several things that aren't really cute anymore. See 30 things you're too old for in your 30s, below.

  1. Being a part of drama.
  2. Splitting the bill 12 ways.
  3. Doing it for the 'gram.
  4. FOMO.
  5. Having your parents help out with rent.
  6. Getting blackout drunk.
  7. Worrying about trends.
  8. Eating junk food for every meal.
  9. Being mean.
  10. Going too hard on weeknights.
  11. Sharing every single moment on social media.
  12. Choosing brunch over bills.
  13. Keeping crappy friends around.
  14. Neglecting annual check-ups.
  15. Snapchatting your drunk nights.
  16. Opinions you didn't ask for.
  17. Negative energy.
  18. Going on Tinder dates for free meals.
  19. Sleeping in past noon.
  20. Letting your place become an uninhabitable pigsty.
  21. Replacing showers with dry shampoo.
  22. Ignoring calls from your parents.
  23. Dragging out your fun-employment because you're too lazy to look for jobs.
  24. Arriving to functions too stoned.
  25. Not bringing a gift to a wedding/baby shower/birthday you were invited to.
  26. Posting daily selfies and outfit photos.
  27. Taking the day off because you're so hungover.
  28. Flaking on plans last-minute.
  29. Jealousy.
  30. Living your life according to others.
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Diggy Lloyd
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