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Tourism in Dubai

Tourists Spend More Money in Dubai Than in Any Other City

Dubai certainly is the city of excess, but the latest Global Destinations City Index report proves that Dubai isn't just high rents and overpriced brunches.

The report, which is put out annually by Mastercard ranks cities around the world as international travel destinations. From the world's fastest growing destination (Osaka), to the world's most visited city (Bangkok), some of the superlatives may surprise you. Dubai comes in at or near the top in a number categories...take a look.

Most Visited Cities in the World

1. Bangkok (21.47 million)

2. London (19.88 million)

3. Paris (18.03 million)

4. Dubai (15.27 million)

5. New York (12.75 million)

International Overnight Visitor Spend

1. Dubai ($31.30 USD billions)

2. London ($19.76 USD billions)

3. New York ($18.52 USD billions)

4. Bangkok ($14.84 USD billions)

5. Tokyo ($13.48 USD billions)

Fastest Growing Destinations in The Middle East and Africa

Abu Dhabi comes in as the fastest growing destination city in the Middle East and Africa, while Dubai is fourth on the list, after Riyadh and Tehran

Image Source: Mastercard
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