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Tweets About The Most Annoying Co-Workers

Take a Break From Annoying Co-Workers With Hilarious Tweets About Annoying Co-Workers

There's a reason The Office was such a popular show and Office Space is one of the most oft-quoted movies — there is just something universally relatable about suffering through the outrageous antics and irritating habits of co-workers. Perhaps this is why the hashtag #ThingsAnnoyingCoworkersDo is being so feverishly wielded on Twitter — the working people have a lot to get off their chests.

Scrolling through tweets with #ThingsAnnoyingCoworkersDo, there are some striking repeated themes. Mainly:

  • Talking too much/interrupting/telling unsolicited stories. (Though there is now a way to easily "nope" out of a work conversation!)
  • Heating up or eating stinky food.
  • Eating food that doesn't belong to them.
  • Violating bathroom etiquette rules.
  • Taking credit unfairly.
  • Acting like the boss/pulling rank when there's no rank to pull.

Keep scrolling for some of the funniest ways workers are airing their frustrations via #ThingsAnnoyingCoworkersDo.

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