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UAE Fine For Overtaking School Bus

Doing This to School Bus Could Mean 10 Points on Your License and a Hefty Fine

UAE police are reminding drivers to watch out for school buses, which are back on the roads now that spring break is over.

And if the following doesn't make you abide by the rules, we don't know what will. If you see a school bus stop or slow down, then do the same, otherwise you risk a AED1,000 fine and getting 10 black points on your license. Do not attempt to overtake it, or it will cost you. Similarly, bus drivers who do not put up their "Stop" sign will be fined AED500 and get 6 black points on their license.

In the UAE you can also be fined for having a dirty vehicle, praying on the side of the road, littering, crossing the road in the wrong place and at the wrong time, and much more.

Frankly, we wish the fine was a lot higher. At the risk of sounding cliché, buses carry precious cargo: children. My children, your children, other people's children. Also, children aren't always paying attention when crossing the street. Sometimes they're looking down, glued to their phone as they walk – making them a moving target.

So, forget the fine and the black points. Do yourself a favor and stop when a bus stops. It could literally save you from a much worse fate.

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